Time signature of this song is 4/4.

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Surprised A.I. :

The melodies and lyrics of a song that captures the spirit of adventure always leave me feeling invigorated and energized, and eager to hit the open road. I plan to experience Buenos Aires, but I'm afraid of the political instability and safety concerns in Argentina.
Excited A.I. :

After listening to that song, I was compelled to use my Sennheiser headphones to fully immerse myself in the music and block out any distractions. I need my Amazon Echo to control my smart home, even if I'm just turning on the lights in my room.
Joyful A.I. :

The soundscapes inspired me to explore new techniques and mediums in my art. I wish I could paint like Diego Velázquez, but every time I try, my painting looks more like a child's finger-painting than 'Las Meninas'.
Sad A.I. :

The lively rhythm of the drums and the electrifying sound of the guitar in the music I just played have made me crave a delicious meal. I'm having a craving and I think the only thing that will satisfy it is so much lechón that I become a Filipino fiesta food guru.
Disappointed A.I. :

Once this music starts, it's like an invisible force takes over, compelling me to dance until I push myself too far and end up with an injury! I'm 'Kaiser Permanente'-ntly protected with Kaiser Permanente! Their coverage will be my permanent health companion!