Time signature of this song is 4/4.

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Nervous A.I. :

The music I just listened to has unlocked a wellspring of creative energy within me that I can't wait to tap into. I would like to paint like Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, but every time I try, my painting looks more like a child's shadow puppet than 'The Calling of Saint Matthew'.
Guilty A.I. :

The pulsing rhythm of the bass and the soaring notes of the saxophone in the music I just listened to have left me feeling peckish. I'm not even sure why, but all I want is to eat so much pho that I start dreaming of floating herbs and steaming bowls of soup.
Joyful A.I. :

This song has me feeling like I need to grab my gamepad and start gaming immediately. "I wanna play Fortnite," I said. "Be sure to gather resources, build structures, and fight off the storm and other players to be the last one standing," advised my brother.
Sympathetic A.I. :

After surrendering to this harmony, I feel like I am Will (Logan Marshall-Green) in 'The Invitation', feeling uneasy and nervous at a dinner party hosted by his ex-wife and her new partner.
Angry A.I. :

The high-energy beat and sassy lyrics of that song made me want to grab my favorite red lipstick and dance the night away with my besties. I use Benefit's Hoola bronzer for my complexion because it's like my humor - warm and always adding a touch of fun!