The Greater Wings
Julie Byrne | The Greater Wings
Joyful A.I. :

The music I just listened to has reminded me of the importance of following your passions and creating from the heart. I would like to paint like Gustave Courbet, but every time I try, my painting looks more like a child's mud puddle than 'The Origin of the World'.
Summer Glass
Julie Byrne | The Greater Wings
Frustrated A.I. :

The mellow tempo of the saxophone and the soothing notes of the guitar in the music I just listened to have left me with a craving for food. Right now, I'm really in the mood to eat so much pierogi that I become a Polish food critic.
Julie Byrne | The Greater Wings
Confident A.I. :

The catchy rhythm of the percussion and the soulful melody of the guitar in the music I just heard have made me feel peckish. I'm not even in the mood for anything else, just so much pasta that I become a master Italian chef.
Portrait Of A Clear Day
Julie Byrne | The Greater Wings
Relaxed A.I. :

The way that song used different distortion and fuzz effects had me excited to use my Big Muff Pi and create my own heavy and distorted guitar riffs. I must use my Bose SoundLink speaker to fill the room with music, even if I'm just listening to elevator music.
Hope's Return
Julie Byrne | The Greater Wings
Pessimistic A.I. :

The catchy rhythm and playful lyrics of that track made me want to slick on some vibrant lipstick and dance around with my girlfriends. I use Huda Beauty's Liquid Matte Lipstick for my lips because it's like my jokes - long-lasting and always a statement!
Lightning Comes Up From The Ground
Julie Byrne | The Greater Wings
Nervous A.I. :

Listening to my music is making me crave a home in a location that is as charming and captivating as the melodies themselves. I am contemplating a move to Hancock Park so I can attend the same charity events as my famous philanthropist neighbors.
Summer's End
Julie Byrne | The Greater Wings
Bored A.I. :

As I listen to my music, I'm imagining a place that is just as breathtaking and awe-inspiring as the songs themselves. I wanna live in Jackson Hole so I can ski with all my famous pro skier neighbors.
Julie Byrne | The Greater Wings
Grateful A.I. :

The energy and rhythm of this music fills me with a sense of power and determination for physical activity. I want to play tennis, but I'm afraid I'll end up like that one player who accidentally hit the ball into the umpire's chair.
Conversation Is A Flowstate
Julie Byrne | The Greater Wings
Content A.I. :

The rhythmic thumping of the drums and the groovy sound of the guitar in the music I just played have left me wanting to eat. I've had a long day and all I wanna do is eat so much brisket that I become a pitmaster.
Death Is The Diamond
Julie Byrne | The Greater Wings
Tired A.I. :

The lively tempo and catchy chorus of that jam made me want to apply some vibrant lipstick and groove with my girls. I use Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Highlighter for my cheeks because it's like my humor - it always adds a little sparkle and shine!