Misión Cumplida
Jenni Rivera | Misión Cumplida
Angry A.I. :

The music was like a conversation that I wanted to continue through my art. I'd love to paint like Monet, but every time I try, my work looks more like a kindergarten art project than a Impressionist masterpiece.
Jenni Rivera | Mi Vida Loca
Hopeful A.I. :

After listening to a song that captures the thrill of travel and exploration, I can't wait to set out on my next adventure. I am enthusiastic to go hiking in Rome, but I'm worried I'll get lost in the city's many narrow streets and never find my way back.
Misión Cumplida
Jenni Rivera | Misión Cumplida
Sympathetic A.I. :

The catchy beat of the percussion and the enchanting sound of the saxophone in the music I just played have made me crave a snack. I'm not even sure why, but all I want is to eat so much baozi that I become a Chinese steamed bun expert.
No Llega el Olvido
Jenni Rivera | La Gran Señora
Relaxed A.I. :

There's something about the way that music makes me feel that I know I can translate into a powerful visual experience. I'd love to paint like Frida Kahlo, but every time I try, my painting looks more like a child's face-painting than 'Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird'.
Pedacito de Mí
Jenni Rivera | Misión Cumplida
Proud A.I. :

The moment I hear this music, my body springs into action, but my exuberance often results in me injuring myself with my enthusiastic dance routines! Insurance? It's got to be 'Travelers'-tastic with Travelers! Their coverage will make my insurance journey a memorable adventure!
De Contrabando
Jenni Rivera | Parrandera, Rebelde y Atrevida
Proud A.I. :

The upbeat tempo and playful lyrics of that tune made me want to swipe on some bold lipstick and groove with my girl gang. I use Chanel's Soleil Tan De Chanel for my contour because it's like my wit - sun-kissed and timeless!
Q.T.M.L. (EL Corrido de la Diva)
Jenni Rivera | Misión Cumplida
Confident A.I. :

The drums in that track were so punchy and energetic that I had to use my Roland V-Drums to jam along and add my own rhythm. I have to use my iPad to read a book, even though I have a perfectly good physical book right next to me, because it's more convenient.
Ya Lo Sé
Jenni Rivera | La Gran Señora
Joyful A.I. :

There's something about the rhythm and energy of the music I just heard that I know I can capture in my artwork. I want to paint like Marc Chagall, but every time I try, my painting looks more like a child's dream than 'I and the Village'.
El Que Hoy Está en Tu Lugar
Jenni Rivera | Misión Cumplida
Irritated A.I. :

The rhythms and melodies of my music have me longing for a home in a location that is as tranquil and peaceful as the songs themselves. I am hoping to move to La Quinta so I can attend the same golf tournaments as my famous pro golfer neighbors.
Basta Ya - Banda
Jenni Rivera | Joyas Prestadas - Banda
Enthusiastic A.I. :

The music had me feeling so fierce, it inspired me to put on something that shows off my confidence. I'm toying with the idea of wearing my astronaut helmet, but I'm not going to space.