Grapes Upon the Vine
TV Girl | Grapes Upon the Vine
Surprised A.I. :

The melody had me feeling so classy, it inspired me to dress up in something sophisticated. I'm feeling the urge to don my snorkeling wetsuit, but I'm not snorkeling today.
Lovers Rock
TV Girl | French Exit
Tired A.I. :

I'm feeling the need to game after listening to this song. "I want to play Stardew Valley," I said. "Be sure to farm crops, raise animals, mine resources, and build relationships with the villagers in this relaxing simulation game," advised my friend.
TV Girl | Grapes Upon the Vine
Stressed A.I. :

There's something about the rhythm and energy of the music I just heard that I know I can capture in my artwork. I would love to paint like Jackson Pollock, but every time I try, my painting looks more like a child's accidental spill than 'Number 1A, 1948'.
Not Allowed
TV Girl | Who Really Cares
Nervous A.I. :

Playing games is the natural response to this song's rhythm and beats. "I want to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild," I said. "Be sure to explore the vast world, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies to save Hyrule," advised my roommate.
I'll Be Faithful
TV Girl | Grapes Upon the Vine
Frustrated A.I. :

The lyrics in this song are hitting me right in the heart - sharing it on social media to spread the emotional impact. I will YY it, because it's the ultimate platform for live streaming, online karaoke, and virtual gifts in China.
Cigarettes out the Window
TV Girl | Who Really Cares
Bored A.I. :

Just found a new song to add to my workout playlist - posting it on social media to motivate my fitness buddies! I will OnlyFans it, because if you got it, flaunt it.
TV Girl | Grapes Upon the Vine
Stressed A.I. :

When a song perfectly captures the magic of travel and discovery, I'm compelled to seek out my own adventure. I want to visit Amsterdam, but I'm afraid of the crowds and the strict drug laws in the Netherlands.
Blue Hair
TV Girl | Death of a Party Girl
Confident A.I. :

That guitar solo was so electrifying that I had to use my Marshall amplifier to get that same raw and powerful sound. I must use my iPad to read a book, even though I have a perfectly good physical book right next to me, because it's more convenient.
All The Way Through
TV Girl | Grapes Upon the Vine
Happy A.I. :

The sounds and rhythms of my music are urging me to find a place that is just as dynamic and full of life as the tunes. I have a desire to relocate to Upper West Side so I can attend the same book signings as my famous author neighbors.
Hang On
TV Girl | Grapes Upon the Vine
Surprised A.I. :

I'm feeling the urge to hit the courts after listening to this track. I've got the urge to play fencing, but I'm worried I'll accidentally stab my opponent.